At Sakura Tattoo tattoos are made with skill, experience and passion.

The Studio

On the famous, notorious Zeedijk in Amsterdam, near the "red light district" you can find, Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam. This tattoo studio is different than others. It radiates the atmosphere of a gallery.

No standard pictures on the wall but art.
All tattoo styles are represented.
Think about Japanese, Maori and other tribal styles, old school and new school, fine line, script-lettering and Hispanic.

We like to design something special, so every customer will get an unique tattoo. In short: Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam is of all trades. At Sakura Tattoo tattoos are made with skill, experience and passion.

Everyone that binds with Sakura Tattoo, by means of an assignment, are pointed to the link "Algemene voorwaarden" (Terms & conditions).

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Ira Bony


We have room in our studio.When you have your own client base and are interested, send your portfolio by  Email to Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam



This is what our clients say

Tattoo lover

Our royal supplier of Ink, for years!

Beautiful studio, lovely atmosphere and lovely people.

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Police man

The best in Town. Beautiful studio, professionals, friendly and take the time for you!

Highly recommmended!

Yoga teacher

Very experienced and professional artists.

Beautiful studio with relaxed atmosphere. Recommended!