Below it's written what you should consider according to us from Sakura tattoo.

Everyone who connects itself with Sakura Tattoo, by means of an order, should take notice of the link "Terms and conditions". Below every page.

The design

As we are a custom shop, it's important to give the tattooist all information about what you want in your tattoo. Naturely also what you don't want in it. You can bring examples from the internet, but also your own sketches, photos, statues, juwelry, you name it. Just make it clear what you like about your example.

Ofcourse we will think with you and will clearly advice you what's possible and possible alternatives. Remember that a design takes time. When you see the final design it is possible to make minor adjustments. Big changes mean normally that the design has to be redrawn and takes, again, time. Ofcourse we will try to oblige at your request(s) but we strive to make a tattoo that will last through time. This sometmes means that details need to be left out but some thing can be added too. Finally, make sure you pick the tattooist who's style you're attracted to. For a design costs can be calculated.

How much ?

A consultation with an artist is always free of charge and without obligation. However for a tattoo appointment we ask a deposit. The deposit is at least € 80,- and will be deducted from the total price, in case of multiple sessions it will be deducted at the last session. Prices are valid for 3 months. If you have a certain budget, please let us know.

Before the main event

Make sure you are clean and had a good meal. Make sure you are on time but not too early. Make sure you wear clothes that allow the tattooist to easily reach the spot that is tattooed. Since some splattering can occur, white clothing is not adviced. Leave your children at home. They distract you and us. If you want to bring somebody, please only 1, we don't like working in front of a crowd. Don't use drugs, they increase the possible pain. Don't drink too much alcohol the night before. Also don't use aspirins. These thinnens your blood so it's more difficult to reach a good result.

During tattooing

To lie still en relaxed is very important. Any sudden movement can have radical results. Don't make photo- or video documentaries. Tattooing needs concentration. Somebody that takes selfies during tattooing or walking around us for the best shot is distracting us. Most of us are during tattooing no talkers, we're not rude but concentrated.

After tattooing

We give verbal and written aftercare-instructions. Please follow these carefully.