Hello!! My name is Alexandru Dumitru some call me Alex but some of my close friends call me Dumi 
Born in 1996 july
I'm raise and born in Romania in a town called Ploiesti 
I started tattoing from fresh age,  When I was around 16. I started like everyone does at home, on friends, and how the times past, those needles becomed a part of me, a lifestyle, a thing that I can t rezist more then 1 or 2 days without doing it. 
After 2 years of home tattoing my skills got improved at Six Needles tattoo shop, my master called Cristi Tugui and that's the part where my life has changed and started doing in a professional way. 
In my experience I did like every kind of possible style, touch ups, covers etc, but the one that chosed me is REALISM
I usually like working in B&G but I can work in colors too. 


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.