How do I take care of my tattoo ?

The healing period of a tattoo is about 2 weeks.

Health and personal condition plays a part herein.

During the healing period it's possible the tattoo is itching.

Don't scratch ! This will damage your tattoo!

Personal hygiene is during the healing period crucial.

When tattooing is finished the tattoo is covered with a sterile

compress or a transperant foil.

You can remove it after several hours and treat it like it is

written below.

* Try not to touch the tattoo with bare hands.

* Wash the tattoo twice a day with a mild, non-perfumed soap

until the tattoo is completely healed.

* Pat dry the tattoo carefully with a clean towel (don't rub).

* Apply a thin layer of tattoo ointment.

* Do not put any desinfectants on the tattoo.

* Do not cover the tattoo with bandages or what so ever.

* Do not wear tight or dirty clothing over the tattoo.

* Avoid, during the healing period, contact with swimwater

(pools, beaches and baths). Also don’t use a sauna or steambath.

* The tattoo should not be in direct sunlight, not even with

a sunlotion.

* Don't use a solarium.

Use a good sunblock after your tattoo is healed.

* If any extreme redness, swelling, blood, puss, colourchanges

or pain occurs, contact a physician.